Our Ingredients 

Our pastries are handmade by Danes honouring the old world
authentic recipes, using only the purest, freshest ingredients.
Unlike the sweet, heavy dough used by most manufacturers,
The Danish Pastry House produces fresh baked Danish dough
with no less than 27 melt-in-your-mouth layers.
This creates a deliciously light, flaky pastry with
a rich mouth feel and flavour that has made
the Danish Pastry an international specialty.

Our Danish food technologist gives
high priority to food safety and quality,
with strict analysis of ingredients and
production procedures. All authentic
danishes are baked fresh daily.
There will be no compromise.
No preservatives. No additives
- just tradition and love.

We Import our Danish marzipan,
almond paste and even our Baker!

Proudly Providing Authentic Danish Pastries to Toronto, Oakville and the GTA.