Danish Rye Bread

Danish Rye Bread and why you should LOVE it!

The Danes have been baking and eating rye bread for the last 1000 years!

Rye Bread is very healthy!

The traditional Danish rye bread is a bit different from other Scandinavian countries and German baked rye bread - as it is respectively less sweet but more dark and sour then the rye bread baked and served in other European countries. The rye bread is rich in whole grain and full of dietary fiber with no fat - and a healthy alternative to other types of white bread - as rye also offers nutrient values like - phosphorus - magnesium - manganese - protein and vitamin B1. It takes more then 24 hours to prepare the sourdough and bake the rye bread.

Danish Rye Bread (Rugbrød) is a nutritional staple in most Danish and many Scandanavian households. It is also found in most all local bakeries and grocery stores throughout Denmark. It is a unique and special bread in that it is very low in fat, rich in fibre and whole grains, as well as contains no oils or sugar.

Rugbrød is renowned as the "backbone" of Smorrebrød (buttered bread) - Denmark's iconic open-faced sandwiches. A good slice of Danish Rye is best enjoyed with a generous smear of good Danish butter. In fact, according to tradition, it should be served up with "tand smor" a wonderful term translated as "tooth butter"; meaning there should still be teeth marks in the butter after biting into the rye. In Denmark, Rugbrød is also used to make a breakfast porridge called "ollebrød" a dish made up of rugbrød, boiled with beer and served with whipped cream.

Danish Rye Bread is an earthy and filling snack. Many of our customers now enjoy our "mini rye snacks" offered at our bakery check out on a daily basis!

Hand baked in small quantities. Heavy as a brick on the outside and soft and chewy on

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