Our Story

Danish Pastry House and Danish Coffee Roasters originated from a Danish Canadian woman’s ambition to both embrace and share the Danish lifestyle of Hygge with Canadians, through traditional Danish craft baking and Nordic style coffee roasting.

Anita Lauritsen, our Founder and CEO, spent years working with specialty Danish bakers and chefs to assemble the perfect selection of Scandinavian comfort foods, while honoring the craft and tradition of authentic Danish recipes and processes that had been passed on through her Mother and Grandmother. 

As Anita continued to expand her business throughout Toronto’s GTA, she built a team of talented Canadian bakers trained in the techniques and traditions of Danish baking.

Another exciting addition to our company growth plan came with the onboarding of Partner, Stephen Scott Stirton, our CFO and CAO.

A senior level financial executive, Scott brings previous VP strategy experience and operates with a hands-on leadership style. 

Scott is instrumental in building company culture that goes far beyond the balance sheet, skillfully bridging our Danish and Canadian business entities. 

Our Philosophy

Anita’s philosophy is grounded on a dedication to Hygge; best described, as mental and physical contentment, derived from the security and warmth of family and home.

In today’s fast-paced world, many are open to the idea that returning to a simpler, more thoughtful way of life, is a better way to live – the Danish way to live well.

Anita’s team at Danish Pastry House invites you to come ‘Hygge’ with us!

Visit one of our bakery or coffee cafes and start cultivating your own Hygge moments, starting with a warm cup of freshly roasted Danish coffee, and a piece of traditional wienerbrød or butterhorn. 

So start your day the Danish way - your body, mind and spirit will thank you for it!

Anita Lauritsen

CEO, Founder

Our Heritage

Traditional Danish food has always been uncomplicated and unpretentious like the Danish people themselves. Danes are known throughout the world for their humour and good mood. In fact, specialized studies confirm that they are "the happiest people in the world". The secret lies in their positive attitude and their inner strength and we believe their daily consumption of Danish pastry!

I have dedicated The Danish Pastry House with love to my grandparents Petra and Viggo Mortensen who truly embodied all of these simple virtues.


Our pastries are handmade by Danes honouring the old world
authentic recipes, using only the purest, freshest ingredients.
Unlike the sweet, heavy dough used by most manufacturers,

The Danish Pastry House produces fresh baked Danish dough
with no less than 27 melt-in-your-mouth layers. This creates a deliciously light, flaky pastry with a rich mouth feel and flavour that has made the Danish Pastry an international specialty.

Our Danish food technologist gives high priority to food safety and quality, with strict analysis of ingredients and production procedures. All authentic danishes are baked fresh daily.

There will be no compromise. No preservatives. No additives
- just tradition and love.

We Import our Danish marzipan, almond paste and even our Baker!

J. LavertuCustomer

The Danish Pastry House did an outstanding job catering our executive meeting. Their suggestion to use one of their signature pastries (the Kringle) as a centrepiece, was a great decision! Feedback from attendees was extremely positive - everyone was stunned to learn that such fresh, artisanal, and high-quality pastries were made locally in Port Credit. I highly recommend The Danish Pastry House!

Tom TCustomer

When I saw the pictures, I had to try them. The flakey texture and unbelievable flavour and variety of these products has enlightened me as to what true Danish pastries should be. It's so much fun to stop in to the Danish Pastry House and buy tons of these great pastries to give to all of my friends to get hooked on them too.

Chelsey BCustomer

Just a note to let you know how absolutely wonderful your pastry is! We picked some up this past weekend, still warm from the oven, and our chef friend commented that it rivals pastry he has had in Japan. My husband and I were fortunate enough to live in Paris for a while, and it is hard to top the wonderful pastry we had there & but yours certainly brings back fond memories! How wonderful to have such a quality product, so close to home. Many thanks.

Maria NCustomer

I waited months for the "The Danish Pastry House" to open, thinking I will truly enjoy a piece of my Danish heritage in Port Credit. I was not disappointed when it finally opened! I am truly in heaven when I eat these all-natural authentic Danish Pastries. The word is out in Port Credit and all over Ontario "The Danish Pastry House" is the place to go if you want to enjoy a piece of heaven!

Jennifer DCustomer

We absolutely love all the delicious products from The Danish Pastry House. Truly authentic Danish flavour. Mange tak!